The Carousel of Hope & Healing

The Carousel of Hope & Healing

What are People Saying about the Training?


“I want to enthusiastically recommend the Carousel of Hope & Healing MAPP (Maximizing Authorization Practices & Potential) training program. I have been in the field of organ and tissue donation for over 16 years and this program put all the puzzle pieces together for me.

MAPP helped me identify and hone in on key learning aspects such as speech patterns, tone, matching, etc..  Examples: I’ve been able to use this while working over the phone with our hospital partners during referral intake, and caring for families. The skills allow me to not only identify where they are mentally, but also to meet them on that level to open up lines of communications in difficult situations.

Ability to Handle Frustration:

Since the training I had an RN who was very upset regarding all aspects of the donation referral. I was able to effectively & efficiently cut from the surface to the center of her frustration using Deep Structure Language strategies and establish a connection with the RN.

She in turn calmed down and I was able to quickly discover that it was not the donation that was the issue. The true problem was that she was distraught and overwhelmed over the loss of a 20 year old patient she had personally taken care of and his sudden death. Once I was able to get to the root of her distress, it not only helped the RN….but I believe we were able to form a solid relationship that will help us on future cases as it allowed me to spend time with her talking through the loss.

Self Care Aspect: I also wanted to particularly recommend the Self Care component of the training. The brain-based techniques taught instant relaxation for me on a highly stressful day. I can imagine using this in all parts of my life.”

Matt Winger, CPTC — Manager of Donation Resource Center, NJ Sharing Network

NJ Sharing Network


“I first met Stephanie at a CEO Vistage meeting and knew immediately that she had a unique skill set. Through conversations, role plays, and discussions she is able to get to the heart of how we learn, listen, and behave. This skill is invaluable to anyone in a leadership role, but more importantly for those who are in the position of helping others on a daily basis. For those of us in the world of organ donation, we are providing comfort every day to families who have suffered great loss. Through designing a program specifically for those who interact with families, Stephanie was able to elevate the listening skills of the caregiver, and identify the behaviors that result in families being open to support. This tailored approach, presented in a safe role play environment, allows everyone to learn. The end result are staff who have better coping mechanisms and improved skills to support grieving families. Her training should be adopted by every organ procurement organization so we can give families the care they deserve and need.”

Helen M. Irving, RN, MBA. CEO, LiveOn NY

LiveOn NY 

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