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The Carousel of Hope & Healing

The Carousel of Hope & Healing

The Special Value this Workshop Delivers

We Offer Building Blocks & Strategic OPO-Based Exercises that Construct a Bridge to Hope Via Organ Donation

The Carousel of Hope and Healing is a unique brain-based training that inspires organ donation by building a pathway to hope. We understand in order for a family to see something positive in their worst moment we have to guide them down a path in the most sensitive, respectful, and compassionate manner possible. We know that if you treat a traumatized family like you would your own, families will truly feel the care and compassion being conveyed.

We understand some of the top priorities of the OPO community, to best serve donor families, other medical professionals, and ultimately obtain authorization to save lives. We also know that in order to provide these life-saving services you need to retain and keep the staff you have engaged, healthy, and happy while they are doing a very complex, stressful, and emotionally taxing work.

We are confident that the Carousel of Hope and Healing will meet and exceed your expectations. We bring a refreshing training that focuses on the top priorities in the OPO community. We are real people that have real experience and have helped 1000’s of others by putting the rubber to the road. We offer proven methods and techniques to MAPP (Maximize Authorization Practices and Potential) crucial conversations.

Unlike Typical Authorization Trainings:

  • We Ground & Teach from Proven Brain-Based Approaches & Transformational Grammar.
  • We focus on establishing rapport and building solid relationships. We realize that a relationship that took years to build by an OPO can be damaged in only a few seconds by the smallest words or actions. We want to prevent and solve any of these potential issues or conflicts before they become real.

We also focus on the most challenging aspects for organizations

  • We want to make sure staff knows how to expressively speak to a family’s fears and concerns.
  • We will train how to speak to that “Hard No” and how to handle that “Rapid Approach” to mention a few concepts
  • We also train on the topic of how to have a successful and meaningful transition into an unfamiliar topic with the family by using utilization techniques.
  • We ingrain in your staff that we must get to the root of the true issue: we teach methods of recognizing and inserting deeper questions with families to uncover the deeper concern.
  • We believe in and teach simple brain-based ways your staff can increase and promote self-care as well as methods that ground positive states.
  • We understand the importance of keeping well-trained staff, especially high performers, as well as maintaining a positive attitude.


Testimonial from Linda Miller

Linda Miller, RN, BSN, MPH. Distance Learning Director, University of Toledo College of Medicine


What Will I Learn?

A Carousel of Intensive Brain-based Language Skills That…

Create the Bond & Build Subconscious Rapport Through:

  • Creating a Subconscious Bond of Trust using the Tragedy to grow the relationship (with donor families, hospital staff, medical examiners & pastoral support.
  • Understanding & Using the Brain-based Wiring /Decision Strategies of the Key Family Members to Create Instant Connection & Target Concerns.
  • Discovering what the Family Positively Wants, Instead of What They Don’t Want- Beginning to Bridge from Despair to the Possible Good.

Understanding the Families Concerns & Unspoken Fears Through:

  • Deep Questions that Cut from the Surface Issue to the Core Concern.
  • Knowing that Mind Reading is Mis- Reading; Guessing Destroys Delicate Rapport.
  • Understanding that You Can Only Address the “Real” Issue; Cues that Say We’ve Arrived.
  • Comprehending that “Why” Questions Produce Defense; Deleting “Why” and Learning to Ask Questions & Provide Crucial Information & Engage Deeper Thinking.

Developing a Life-Affirming Presence – ‘Being’ & Affirming Hope Through:

  • Building a Life-Affirming Presence Through Brain-Based Self Care.
  • Learning to Create Grace States. (Staff Members Must ‘Be’ The Hope they are Offering )…Operating in this Way, Families Will Be Naturally Comforted & Encouraged by Your Presence.
  • Brain-Based Exercises that Significantly Relieve & Reset Your Stress & Traumatic Responses.
  • Understanding the Neuro-physiology of Affirming Language; Demonstrations of How Negative Thinking Effects the Body/Mind.
  • Exercises that Demonstrate the Dynamics of Negative & Positive Language…You Can Destroy or Build Hope…It’s a Choice.

Handling Objections – Moving Through the Fear Strongholds Using Critical Decision-Making Strategies Through:

  • Learning the 12 Core Decision-Making Strategies- Critical Attitudes & Needs – Managing the Approach Based on the Individuals Strategy.
  • Understanding that Objections are Signals of Safety Issues: Restoring Safety…Moving Through the Strongholds.


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