Coaching For Your Enemies To Progress

Coaching for Your Enemies to Progress

The best, the brightest, and the innovators are often the most likely to suffer from special Enemies that halt their Progress. The more you have to offer, the more likely you are to have a few areas of challenge that have the potential to keep you stressed, anxious and down on your game.

If this sounds like you or one of your top performers, you understand only too well.


Do You Lack the People Moxie to Connect and Work through the Conflicts Around You?

Judging yourself harshly, you judge others as well . Can you for instance spot the problems from a hundred miles away, but lack the ability to transfer accountability and ownership to people around you? You likely have great technical and business chops, but lack the skills to connect and work out the day to day frustrations that make your continued success possible.

Do You Have Limiting Fears, Phobias or Old Beliefs that Make It Difficult for you to Perform?

One in every 10 people has a fear, limiting belief or phobia that sabotages their ability to perform..   Example above ( the COO who layed off 130 people and now is too anxious to face colleagues in his company’s 4 plants,) These limitations unchecked often limit potential and total ability to perform.

Are You Driven to Perfection and Unable to Tolerate Your Mistakes?

How do you relax, let go and stop working? The stress produced by total self-reliance often destroys the ability to think creatively and produce consistently.

Brief Focused Coaching:

Offers a unique, highly personalized opportunity to step beyond the Enemies that are standing in the way of your full abilities. The more powerful, highly motivated, and creative you are ….the more likely it is that you will deal with the forces inside and around you (difficult people and customers.)

The Process

Phase One – Assess your areas of challenges and design a personal strategy to restore maximal function

Phase Two – Based on your Assessment your Custom-Designed Program Will:

  1. Redesign your thought processes and develop new highly functional strategies – Benefit: With a reordered way of thinking you are ready to take on the process of change
  2. Learn the skill sets necessary to achieve your goals and continue progress
  3. Homework between sessions to streamline and create habits that strongly support your goal


“I arrived at Stephanie Shipper’s office the COO of a company I loved and have been involved with for 16 years after having laid off 130 people. After the lay off, I developed an anxiety response that had already landed me in the emergency room. It became virtually impossible to travel between our four plants.   I had tried anxiety medicine with little results. I was not ready to throw in the towel and walk away. At this point I was offered the opportunity to work with Stephanie

Although I told her I had no faith in what she did and thought I was wasting my time. I did however agree to do what she asked. In 12 hours of contact time over a few months….I returned to visiting all four of my plants with no more anxiety attacks. I am incredibly grateful for returning me whole to a company I wanted to serve. Thank you Stephanie!”

Ted P.,  COO,  Columbus, Ohio


Details and Investment

Time Frame: Depending on the Scope and areas of desired change…..Coaching normally is between 15 and 25 hours

Initial Phase: The first meeting is in person and is normally done in 2 half day meetings for a total of 8 hours.   There are cases in which the first phase can be done via Skype depending on what is needed.

Phase 2: Via Skype we meet 1 hour every week (approximately 4 hours in month one)

Phase 3: Via Skype we meet 1.5 hour every two-three weeks (approximately 3 hours per month)

Reassessment of Status and needs is done at 15 hours. Should more be needed or desired we will work on an hourly basis.

Investment: for 15 hours, $3750.00 at the rate of $250 per hour.

* Emergency Sessions and Special Needs can be arranged on an as needed basis.

* A Vistage/TEC discount of 10% applies with full payment.

Please join me for a complimentary no-obligation From ‘Under Attack’ From the Enemy to Awesome conversation.

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