My Values – My All Important Life Purpose

My Values – My All Important Life Purpose

Is a clear sense of meaning and life purpose missing from your life?

Is your greatest Enemy a failure to see your life & direction as meaningful?

“Unhappiness comes from attempting to be who we are not; the journey of life is to gain clarity about who you really are…so that you can be your authentic self.” – Jack Altschuler 

Christian Schloe

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Does The Following Describe You?

You Have Many of the Things the World Calls Successful…So Why Don’t You Feel Satisfied?

You are a successful person at the pinnacle of your profession or heading there. You’ve got one or more of the following: money, prestige, important kudos, a home. You’re respected by your few peers and envied by many; so how is it that you are feeling frustrated so much of the time? How could you possibly perceive that you’re missing something? Benefit: A strong pride & satisfaction with your important decisions…flows naturally from an understanding and application of your Values.        

Are You Unsure About Your Important Contribution to the World?

Beyond the ‘stuff’ you’ve acquired, the children you’ve raised, and your marriage/important friendships…do you wonder if your life is really making a difference? At the end of the day, do you wonder – have I done or contributed anything that you would consider a legacy you could be proud of Benefit: A clear integration of your Values immediately restores a sense of finding your ‘true North,’ and an excitement and pride that you are living your dream.

Or This?

You’re a high-performing athlete on the practice field, but an “also ran,” in competition. You play an instrument or sing like a virtuoso in the practice room or shower, only to choke or freeze up in front of an audience?

Do you possess a contribution or talent that is only half realized? You have so much to bring…yet you falter in the execution and delivery? Benefit: Knowing your Values offers a clear path to directionalize your talent. It is often not the talent that is the problem, but how the talent is being used (and for what reason it is being executed that creates the road block.) 

Investment/Time Commitment:

As a result of completing this Values intensive, you will start each day energized, your daily decisions creating a continuum of connection with your Core Values


A full day of your time…(generally offered in two half days to assure maximal integration and comprehension.) 8 hours contact time.

Investment: $1,950

Follow up Coaching at the Rate of $250 per hour to assure streamlined application into decision-making and your life. Four (4) additional hours is suggested.

People who consistently achieve at the highest levels do so by working in what Abraham Maslow called “Peak Experiences.” Building on Maslow’s work, Peak Performance Modeling, and Kinesiology, Stephanie has found that a person’s Core Values, when applied as decision-making vehicles, create Peak States.

Using your Core Values you will learn to self-initiate Peak States. The renewed clarity and direction greatly increases your ability to make wise decisions consistently.

Stephanie Shipper has developed a methodology for training people to attain these Peak States at will, in effect enabling them to Liberate Their Inner Greatness & Direction, achieve their truest and highest potentials, by aligning with and harnessing the energy available through their individual Peak States.”

You, too, can establish your personal roadmap to Peak States and Peak Experiences through a comprehensive assessment and integration of your Value Keys by engaging Stephanie for your Values Session.

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