What Are Clients Saying?

What Are Clients Saying?


“I first met Stephanie at a CEO Vistage meeting and knew immediately that she had a unique skill set. Through conversations, role plays, and discussions she is able to get to the heart of how we learn, listen, and behave. This skill is invaluable to anyone in a leadership role, but more importantly for those who are in the position of helping others on a daily basis. For those of us in the world of organ donation, we are providing comfort every day to families who have suffered great loss. Through designing a program specifically for those who interact with families, Stephanie was able to elevate the listening skills of the caregiver, and identify the behaviors that result in families being open to support. This tailored approach, presented in a safe role play environment, allows everyone to learn. The end result are staff who have better coping mechanisms and improved skills to support grieving families. Her training should be adopted by every organ procurement organization so we can give families the care they deserve and need.”

Helen M. Irving, RN, MBA. CEO, LiveOn NY

LiveOn NY


“So, many years ago I had the good fortune of meeting Stephanie at a Vistage meeting regarding NLP. I was fascinated by her presentation and knowledge. A couple of friends and I decided to dig much deeper and set up a 3-year program to expand our understanding and NLP skills. It was a great decision and a lot of fun too! Many years have passed but I am still utilizing the insights that I learned in those classes. The 3 of us often discuss those skills as life-changing. So if you want a 3rd party opinion or want to discuss the value, you can reach me on my website at garysirak.com.”

Gary Sirak, author of If Your Money Talked…What Secrets Would It Tell?

If Your Money Talked...What Secrets Would It Tell?


“Dear Stephanie, thank you for teaching us this morning. I could have listened to you for many more hours. The insight into the way humans learn and interact is fascinating to me, and I plan on incorporating the knowledge into my every day and legal lives. You are a true visionary.”

Amy B. Goldsmith, NYC, NY. Atty, at Law. VP of the New York Women’s Bar Association. Tarter, Krinsky, & Drogin, Partner


“My name is Jaclyn Costanza and I am in sales with Hatteras. I was one of the lucky ones who attended your seminar last week in NYC. I just wanted to thank you again for your time and the amazing knowledge you shared. I cannot express my gratitude for such a wonderful experience. The lessons, information, and strategies I learned in those few hours will last a lifetime and help me only to succeed further both personally and professionally in my daily communication. I am forever grateful to have sat in on such a  wonderful presentation.”

Jaclyn Costanza, VP Sales, Hatteras, NJ