‘Wow’ People With Your Presentation

How to ‘Wow’ People with Your Presentation

Do you have a great idea or a need to stand up and deliver stellar and convincing presentations but lack the ability and confidence to simplify and create a strong/memorable presentation?


Does the Idea of Getting Up in Front of a Group Inspire Terror?

The number one phobia is speaking in front of a group of people…followed closely only by being burned alive (the # 2 phobia!).

Do You Lack the Ability to Simplify Your Great Idea?

One of the banes of great minds and great concepts is that they often baffle with their brilliance…leaving their audience or potential investors with no real idea of what they do and how it might make a difference for them/their customers.   With limited attention spans…the art of making brilliance simple is a true art and a necessity.

Are People Fading Because you are Brilliantly Technical and Deadly Boring?

Or another scenario: you’ve figured out exactly the right angle, and can clearly give a detailed outline of the benefits…but you are deadly boring and overly technical…so everyone that’s listening fades and starts texting to pass the time.

How to ‘Wow’ People with your Presentation offers the ability to polish to simplicity your idea, present it with excitement that grab your audience (investors/potential clients,) and significantly calm the present and future fears of getting on stage

The Process

Phase One: Assess and figure out the critical areas of performance challenges and the best route to deliver with ease and confidence. 

Phase Two: Design a winning strategy to target the areas of weakness.

Usually this involves a combination of:

  1. Restructuring the presentation; Benefit: Tightening to emphasize what is truly important and clarifying the needs/pain of the target audience.
  2. Learning presentation skills to enhance engagement and excitement for the idea
  3. Allowing the person to watch themselves perform; Benefit: Watching yourself perform provides insight into habits that distract, while emphasizing how to capitalize on what draws positive attention/buy-in.
  4. Working with the anxiety and learning to use your successful moments and ‘wins.’; Benefit, the more calm and focused the more powerful your message. Using your ‘power’ moments to bring energy and attention to your ideas.

*Normally this entire process occurs over approximately 10-15 hours depending on how involved the anxiety related to performance may be.


“I came to Stephanie as a top Educational Software consultant with a successful idea and a great track record as a top performer and a recognized product in the market.

In meetings with colleagues I often became tongue-tied and unable to express my concept. I also had significant long term inability to speak in front of large groups. I came for help because I was asked to express my great idea in front of an important international conference

“In approximately 15 hours we redesigned my presentation, created a strategy for engagement with my audience, and worked with my fear of speaking in crowds. I was highly successful in my international presentation. Thank you Stephanie!”

John H, Executive Educational Consultant, Chapel Hill, NC 


Details /Investment

This coaching is offered for individuals with the first session in person…normally 4 to 8 hours (depending on the presenting issues) Subsequent sessions can be done on Skype.

Typically the time commitment is 15 hours and can done over a 2 month time frame.

Investment: $3750.00 (for 15 hours). Additional sessions may be purchased at $250 per hour.

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